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Margarita exudes all the qualities of a great teacher, she is patient, intelligent, adaptable and quite humorous. I have always wanted to play the piano, but only took it up at the age of 50;

I wish now, that I'd taken it up earlier. Margarita always finds a way to push me but ensures that I can do it. I cannot express how good she is.

To all those Mums and Dads that think they are too old, it's never too late to start, and for children; she is very imaginative, resourceful, kind and creative. I would have no hesitation in recommending her.

I am very grateful and couldn’t ask for a better teacher.



Quarterly magazine

Learning piano was always my dream of childhood but never happened. So, I wanted my daughter to learn piano and  yet luckily, she could meet such talented piano teacher in her life. She had lessons with Miss Margarita for half a year. I can see her progress every single lesson and she adores the piano. Especially her very first piano concert, which was amazing and such a good experience for kids to perform in front of their parents/ grandparents/ friends. 
I would highly recommend Miss Margarita if you want your kids to start learning piano because of her enthusiasm of music and experience of teaching, also it’s always fun to play music theory games she has.
My daughter just absolutely loves the piano lessons with Miss Margarita X

I have been a student of Margarita since the beginning of 2019. I already possessed some musical ability but had a big knowledge gap. Margarita has explored and helped me improve my knowledge for both musical theory and technique. She is kind, thorough and always encouraging. I was able to do my first public performance in over 40 years. Just 6 months later. I highly recommend Margarita as a piano/music teacher


Vicky Wong, Brittany’s mom


I’m thankful for every minute that my son spent in Margarita’s lessons. When we came to a first lesson- I didn’t expect much, but everything she does is incredible! My son has issues with concentration, but teacher is very helpful and manages to make him focus amazingly well. We’d love to continue Margarita’s lessons. The very first concert was euphoric and all of us, family and friends were very happy and proud seeing Daniel on the stage in front of an audience playing piano. Thank you so much!

My children are taught by Margarita for two years already. We highly recommend her as a teacher. Atmosphere during lessons is great, lessons are calm and relaxed, but also colorful, never boring. Flexibility of the schedule is very important for us as parents of two young children too!
We’re also grateful for the opportunities for our children to play outside the class– festivals and public concerts makes us all very proud!

Janina, Daniel’s mom

Ernesta, mom of Tauras and Nojus 

"Flexible schedule
Amazing concerts
Lots of progress - you can even visually see it through exam pass certificates"

Margarita, Agniete’s mom

“Very kind teacher” - Agniete (13)"

 “Kind teacher explains everything very well.” - Tauras (9)"

 “I love the games and scales and the piano is really beautiful!” - Nojus (5)"


"The teacher is very inspirational"

Egle Jones

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